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Our Services

M&O Property Solutions believes that low-quality and capricious work is not a product of a true craftsman. It is not only damaging to our reputation, but more importantly, it does not serve our purpose. Thus, our construction services for houses, apartments, clubhouses, and other residential buildings are guaranteed top-of-the-line for the safety and benefit of our clients and the community.



Color in any establishment creates a fresh look that not only entices clients and dwellers but also upgrades the value of your property. Hiring our professional crew will do it right while saving you money, energy, and time.



A clean area, whether for working or living purposes, does nothing but influence its occupants positively: enhanced mood, productivity, reduced stress, and so much more. Experience these benefits without breaking a sweat; let us do the work.



The responsible upkeeping of your property saves you from stress and damages that may occur if it is left unattended. For your professional repair and regular maintenance needs, we’re the team to call.



Different seasons or shifts in your situation, as well as the lack of vibrance and excitement when you walk into your home, may call for a little transformation. If your house needs a little more shaping and changes, we’re the experts in interior remodeling in Westerville, Ohio, that you can trust.

granite installation

Granite Installation

Granite installations are visually pleasing as much as they are durable, clean, and easy to maintain and repair, making them a sustainable and cost-effective addition to your beautiful home.



While floors seem to exist solely for your feet to walk upon, they actually give your establishment a better look and feel, besides structural support for everything like yourself and your appliances and furniture. It’s just right to ensure that they’re sturdy and fit the design of your home. 



The leak in your property isn’t something that should be disregarded as it may destroy your walls, flood, leave stains, and more. Our plumbing service promises the delivery of clean, safe water and the elimination of wastewater.



The most common construction material today. It spares your property from rot, rust, and decay. It is a low-maintenance material that causes zero trouble for you on top of protecting you from harsh weather, insects, and vermin.

gutter installation

Gutter Installation

Installing gutters is an efficient way to drive rainwater away from your home and into your drain system, freeing you from the ugly effects of water and moisture such as leaks, rot, and stain in your walls or windows and damage to your lawn.

gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

After getting a gutter, you will need to maintain it; otherwise, your preventive measures for water-caused damages will be fruitless. Keeping it clean will preserve its usefulness, prevent soil erosion, and, most especially, avoid additional expenses.

Exterior Fencing

Exterior Fencing

If undomesticated animals are around your area and you tend a garden, that’s a bad combination. You need a relatively cheap but effective solution, like exterior fencing. It will keep out animals, protect your plants, and even make boundaries in your area.

Interior and Exterior Doors

Interior and Exterior Doors

Wanting some privacy and safety? Then you will need to get interior and exterior doors. Interior doors keep privacy inside your establishment and divide the rooms, while exterior ones will create a barrier against intruders and poor weather.

Finish Carpentry

Finish Carpentry

Our professional crew can do all the carpentry work for your residence. Finish carpentry is one of our areas of expertise and we assure you that you’ll enjoy a clean, ready house that’s only waiting for your personalized design.

Handyman Services

Handyman Services

We can help you with cleaning your facilities and repairing simple but expert-needy damages at your residence. We can also do other tasks such as landscaping, painting, light installation, and appliance repairs.

Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Electrical wiring is quite a dangerous task to take on without proper education and skills to handle it. It’s always best to stay on the safer side of things and leave the difficult task to the masters. If you are in need of electrical services, don’t hesitate to call us.

Power Washing

Power Washing

Time stains even the sturdiest surfaces, and when stains are resistant and can’t be removed, it’s time for a power wash. Our service will work wonders on your walls, roads, garage, walkways, and more as if you were transported on the day that they were brand-new.



Shutters are not just decorations or parts of the house that you need for aesthetics. They provide an additional barrier to your windows that delay heat transfer from outside to your home and vice versa. It also provides privacy, security, and protection from intruders and bad weather.

Bathtubs and Shower Replacements

Bathtubs and Shower Replacements

Bathrooms are inevitably going to get wet and moisture along with dirt causes damage, molds, and stains on walls as well as your bathtub and shower. Their unsightly look, coupled with leaking, will require you to replace them. We can fix it for you.

Full Kitchen Installs

Full Kitchen Installs

Get the kitchen of your dreams with our help. We provide a full kitchen installation service, so you wouldn’t have to worry about looking for another provider to help you with the cabinets, the sink, the countertops, and more.

Full Bathroom Installs

Full Bathroom Installs

Your bathroom deserves a makeover – one that you’ll prefer to use over the others every day. If you have a design in mind or inspiration you want to copy, we’ll help you put up the bathroom that you will love.

Demolition work


Demolition may bring images of destruction for many, but it actually helps you and keeps the community safe. If you want to boost your property’s value, improve the establishment, or prevent your faulty building from smashing during a disaster, call our demolition team.